It is illegal for you or your customer to break up a Money Order transaction into smaller amounts to avoid filling out an FTR. Wilful non-compliance will result in corrective action by Canada Post.

FINTRAC may also apply penalties to both Canada Post and its Authorized Dealers for

deliberately avoiding FTR reporting

An attempted suspicious transaction is an incomplete transaction of any financial product for any dollar amount that a customer started and then cancelled or voided. In the end, no financial products were purchased, issued or cashed.

A cancelled, voided, or attempted transaction does not necessarily mean that it is suspicious. There may be reasonable explanations for voiding or cancelling a transaction, such as:

  • The customer was only asking for information about a product; 
  • The customer’s debit card limit or funds were insufficient for the total purchase;
  • The customer did not have the necessary identification at the time of the transaction; or
  • The customer may have had concerns about how the Post Office collects and uses their personal information.


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