Meet Your Facilitator – Helen Roos

Helen Roos is your NVCI instructor. She brings over 25 years direct experience in senior management roles with provincial and federal government, and has worked in a variety of human helping/social service roles in Victim Services and Coordination, Correctional Officer, but brings a wealth of results-based strategic planning, project design/delivery, grant and contribution funding management and land claim negotiations experience.

Additionally, Helen is a certified cpi NVCI instructor with partnership agreements for training delivery, with our own students and other human helping organizations in Nunavut. This includes Qimaavik and Sivimmut Women’s Shelter, Isaccie Adult Group Home, Uquutaq Men’s Shelter and Experience Shift /Ilagaiitagut Youth Home, for local competency-based certificate training.

Helen delivers training through her offices in Kitimat (British Columbia), Gatineau (Quebec) and Iqaluit (Nunavut).  

cpi Trainer #1306051

Contact Info

Helen Roos, Owner/President

ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre (iSDC) 


Mobile: 819-440-6800

LinkedIn: www.linkedin/helenroos 


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