How to Use This Guide

Canada has enacted federal legislation, Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist
Financing Act (PCMLTFA, “the Act”) to detect and deter money laundering and terrorist
financing activities.

All Canada Post employees selling or redeeming financial products must complete initial and
ongoing Anti-Money Laundering compliance training, which includes reading this self-study
guide before completing any type of transaction using the Retail-Point-Of- Sale (RPOS)
terminal; this includes selling and redeeming Money Orders, MoneyGram ® transactions, coins,
prepaid and reloadable credit cards and all other prescribed financial products and services.

This self-study guide is designed to support your learning and serve as an on-the-job resource.
It provides an overview of the Anti-Money Laundering policies and processes at Canada Post. It
also focuses on identifying and reporting suspicious transactions, verifying and recording
customer identification and other financial products that are subject to the legislation.

All required employees must complete the Review section, which includes sample questions
that you may be asked at any time, including in a phone call from head office, to assess your
knowledge of Canada Post’s Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing policies and


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