Be alert for fraud in many forms

Fraud is a predicate offence to money laundering. As a result, fraud proceeds are the proceeds of crime. Perpetrators of fraud think up many different schemes to target businesses, including Post Offices. 

  • Post Offices have received phone calls in which they are asked to provide information about their Post Office bank deposits, computer systems and even the number of employees working on site. 
  • Post Offices have received phone calls asking them to perform a MoneyGram test by transferring money, without ever being paid. Neither MoneyGramⓇ nor Canada Post will ever request such a test. 
  • More recently, an individual (without corporate ID or uniform) has attempted to impersonate a Canada Post Supervisor, potentially resulting in numerous stolen products. 

If you receive a phone, email, or in-person request for sensitive business information, do not answer any questions, provide information or conduct any RPOS transactions. 

Any unexpected requests for information or access from unknown or unidentified Individuals should be treated with suspicion.

Never perform transactions if a customer contacts you by letter or telephone. Instead, take as much information as you can (name, company name, phone number, etc.) and immediately report this information to your RBM/LAM and/or by email to or contact Security and Investigation Services at 1-855-229-6025. 

If you have questions, please contact the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Group. Use the email account or fax to submit your questions or concerns. They look at every email and fax you submit, and your information is processed with the strictest confidentiality. 


When you refer unusual transactions, you help Canada Post take suspicion to conviction.

Canada Post’s Corporate Policy, Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act Compliance, is approved by the Board of Directors and is published on the Policy and Practice Centre Site. 

The Corporate Practice, Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act Non-Compliance Practice, is approved and also posted on the Policy and Practice Centre site.


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