Workplace Harassment and Violence Training (Nunavut-NWT) 🚹



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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Workplace culture
  2. Legal framework
  3. Policy and process
  4. Types of workplace harassment
  5. Addressing workplace harassment
  6. Resolving workplace harassment
  7. Preventative measures

Overall, the course would provide participants with a culturally-responsive and comprehensive approach to preventing and addressing workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and violence that reflects Inuit societal values and employer responsibilities under Nunavut occupational health and safety regulations.

Course Description

In 2016, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories updated the Safety Act and Occupational Health and Safety regulations to include employee protections and employer obligations related to harassment and violence’s in the workplace.

While other Canadian provinces and the Yukon had had this legislation for decades, the absence of these basic protections for Nunavut and NWT workers was significant.

Therefore, with the legislation now in place, employers that fall under Territorial legislation (Government of Nunavut, private companies, not-for-profit organizations) are required to develop policies and train staff on their rights as well as having mutual obligations to keep the workplace safe and challenge behaviours and acts that are harassing or violent in nature.


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