What is…Decolonization?



3 Hours



Method of Delivery

Online (asynchronous fully self-directed learning)

What You Will Learn

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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Learning the definition of decolonization
  2. Knowing some of the history on colonization in Canada (i.e., Assimilation, land claims, loss of Indian status, etc.)
  3. Understanding Canada’s ongoing role in colonization
  4. Understanding the current processes of decolonization
  5. Knowing how to be an ally

The course includes an assignment, a quiz, a course evaluation and certificate of completion.

Course Description

Join us in this first installment of discussing decolonization as the long-term process involving the bureaucratic, cultural, linguistic, and psychological divesting of colonial power rooted in political, social and economic systems in Canada, and in turn, the process in which indigenous peoples are reclaiming family, community, culture, language, history, and traditions that were taken away from them under federal government policies designed for assimilation.


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