Understanding Your Negotiation Style and Interest-based Negotiation Techniques 🚹



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What You Will Learn

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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Introduction to negotiation: What is it?  Why it matters?
  2. Personal negotiation styles: Self-assessment and understanding your own style
  3. The impact of culture and personality on negotiation style
  4. Interest-based negotiation: Principles and techniques
  5. Communication skills for negotiation: Active listening, asking questions, and presenting information effectively
  6. Problem-solving techniques for negotiation: Brainstorming, evaluating options, and finding creative solutions
  7. Building relationships in negotiations: Developing rapport, trust, and understanding
  8. Best practices for preparing and conducting a successful negotiation
  9. Practice exercises and simulations to apply the concepts learned in the course


Course Description

The course is designed to help participants understand their personal negotiation style and how it impacts their negotiation outcomes,

The course will also cover interest-based negotiation techniques, which focus on understanding the needs and interests of all parties involved in a negotiation.

Participants will learn how to effectively communicate, problem-solve, and build relationships during a negotiation process.


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