Self-Leadership – Leading Through Turbulent Times



3 Hours



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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Learn 6 steps to successfully manage your business and your people through turbulent times
  2. Understand the importance of being aware of your mood and its impact on the people you interact with
  3. Learn how preferences manifest in leadership – good and bad day
  4. Understand colour energy stress behaviors and identify what may be showing up for you
  5. Learn the most common business challenges organizations are experiencing currently and discuss solutions to address those that are happening for you
  6. Learn how Insights Colour Energies can help you generate innovative solutions to business challenges
  7. Facilitate dialogue amongst leaders about the most effective actions to help your business


Course Description

Armed with your individual Insights Discovery profile report, develop your leadership skills in these unprecedented times of change and pandemic.

Take time to reflect on the leadership dimensions of the four personality types to understand your strengths, what is pulling you offside, and how to create vision and momentum for you and your team in the “new normal”.

A superb leadership development session that builds on Beginning the Journey.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed the Insights Discovery: Beginning the Journey course


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