Reception and Telephone Etiquette at Work



7.5 Hours



Method of Delivery

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What You Will Learn

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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Importance of reception and telephone etiquette in the workplace
  2. Best practices for answering and transferring calls
  3. Techniques for handling difficult callers or visitors
  4. Effective communication skills for building rapport with callers and visitors
  5. Understanding cultural differences in communication
  6. Managing voicemail and e-mail messages
  7. Creating a positive first impression through body language and tone of voice
  8. Professionalism and confidentiality in the workplace


Course Description

This course is designed for professionals who want to improve their communication skills when dealing with visitors and callers in a workplace setting.

Participants will learn effective techniques for greeting visitors, answering calls, and handling difficult situations with grace and professionalism.

This course includes two days in-class training and 7.5 hours online learning.


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