Policy and Research



7.5 Hours



Method of Delivery

Online (asynchronous fully self-directed learning)

What You Will Learn

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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Basics about what community-driven development is as a field of study and best practice
  2. Key terms used in the field of community development
  3. The role of statistics and other information to form a picture of Inuit communities and trends
  4. The key historical timeline of socio-economic and political impacts on Inuit in Nunavut
  5. The building blocks to community engagement to support changing behaviour
  6. Key program design and delivery tools such as Results-based Management Frameworks, to understand the connection of your work to the organization’s programs and services

The course includes a course evaluation and certificate of completion.

Course Description

Join us for this introduction to the role of policy and research for community support workers, to connect the role of statical census data, socio-economic indicators, research methods, policy advocacy and development, to the design and delivery of your programs and services.

Learn some simple tools such as Photovoice, that helps connect clients and team members to understand issues of importance for action in one’s life and community for action.

Through an examination of Inuit policy issues we can see how the personal can become political for social justice action.


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