CPI Non Violent Crisis Intervention – Blended (Online + Instructor-Led)


Accreditation Organization


5 combined online + instructor-led Hours



Method of Delivery

Blended (Online/Instructor-led)

What You Will Learn

Accredited & Customized Courses

Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Improve decision making
  2. Minimize physical interventions
  3. Gain the confidence to recognize risk behaviour & respond to defensive behaviours
  4. Understand what’s behind behaviour
  5. Address the needs of the individual

The course includes an exam, a course evaluation and a Blue Card certificate.

NOTE: This course requires the online session to be completed prior to the physicals session.

Course Description

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention is a 2-year internationally-recognized certificate supporting frontline workers with practical theoretical and practical skills in managing client relations including nonverbal, verbal and physically escalating behaviour.

This provincial and territorial standard is key for anyone working children, youth, adults or seniors to gain confidence in setting limits, verbal deescalation skills, managing physical disengagement or holds, to support professional obligations of duty of care and worker health and safety.

Successful participants receive a workbook and Blue Card certificate and employer letter.


Where required by your organization, the in-class session provides a review of the theoretic components, as well as the Unit 8 and 9 physical components. If you do not require the physicals training, you may be interested in the online CPI Verbal Intervention course.


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