Medication Administration for Children/Youth-in-Care


Accreditation Organization


1 Hours



Method of Delivery

Online (asynchronous fully self-directed learning)

What You Will Learn

Accredited & Customized Courses

Course Content

The course content includes the following topics:

  • Review medication management and why it is important.
  • What are medication support services?
  • 12 Rights of medication dispensing.
  • Various forms of medication and the role of the unregulated team member in supporting access to medication.
  • Strategies to manage controlled substances.
  • Strategies to manage psychotropic medications.

Course Description

Welcome to the Medication Administration learning module, where we embark on a comprehensive exploration of the pivotal role that accurate medication management plays within health and social care organizations. As we delve into the intricacies of this critical aspect, our primary focus is to equip you with a profound understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of medication administration and its profound impact on patient well-being.

This course has been meticulously designed to address key learning objectives, providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of medication management with competence and confidence.


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