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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Understanding the role of a leader, different leadership styles, and the impact of leadership on team performance
  2. Effective communication strategies, active listening, and conflict resolution
  3. Team dynamics, building trust, and setting team goals
  4. Prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and delegation
  5. Setting expectations, providing feedback, and managing performance issues
  6. Understanding the change process, managing resistance, and leading change initiatives
  7. Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leading with authenticity
  8. Understanding the big picture, developing a vision, and making strategic decisions
  9. Leading through adversity: Resilience, problem-solving, and decision-making under pressure
  10. Developing a growth mindset, seeking feedback, and building a learning culture


Course Description

The learning to Lead course is designed for individuals who are new to leadership positions or are aspiring leaders. The course provides participants with the foundational knowledge and skills required to effectively lead and manage teams.


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