Industrial Relations for Nunavut Human Resources Professionals


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37.5 Hours



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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Overview of industrial relations in the public sector
  2. Understanding the legal framework and legislation
  3. Roles and responsibilities of HR professionals in industrial relations
  4. The impact of industrial relations on organizational performance
  5. Union organizing and certification processes
  6. Rights and obligations of unions and employers
  7. Collective bargaining process and strategies
  8. Negotiation techniques and skills
  9. Drafting and interpreting collective agreements
  10. Building and maintaining positive employee relations
  11. Grievance handling and arbitration procedures
  12. Employee rights and disciplinary processes
  13. Managing workplace conflict and fostering cooperation
  14. Understanding the role and functions of labour-management committees
  15. Establishing effective workplace committees
  16. Collaborative problem-solving and decision-making
  17. Creating a culture of employee engagement and participation
  18. Developing effective industrial relations strategies
  19. Managing change in a unionized environment
  20. Workplace health and safety considerations
  21. Emerging trends in industrial relations


Course Description

The Industrial Relations for Nunavut Human Resources Professionals course is specifically designed to provide human resources professionals in Nunavut’s public service organizations with a comprehensive understanding of industrial relations practices and strategies, with a focus on managing in a unionized environment.

Participants will learn about the legal framework, negotiation processes, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution mechanisms in unionized workplaces.

The course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage labour relations, foster positive employee relations, respecting Inuit societal values and culture, and navigate the complexities of industrial relations in Nunavut.


The course outline provides a general structure for a 37.5-hour course on industrial relations for HR professionals in Nunavut’s public sector with a focus on managing in a unionized environment. It is recommended to include interactive activities, case studies, and group discussions throughout the course to facilitate practical application of industrial relations and promote participant engagement.


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