Cultural Awareness for Northern Workers



7.5 Hours



Method of Delivery

Online (asynchronous fully self-directed learning)

What You Will Learn

Accredited & Customized Courses

Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. Reflecting on a historical timeline of events (i.e., Policing, tags, health and medical administration, settlements, housing, etc.)
  2. Residential school experience
  3. Social location, intersectionality, stereotyping and bias
  4. Building rapport and trust
  5. Supporting northern colleagues/family members

The course includes an assignment, a course evaluation and certificate of completion.

Course Description

For non-indigenous workers coming to work in Nunavut, join us for an overview course of historical phases of development to the contemporary tensions and working context.

Included are video interviews with Peter Irniq, Inuit Elder and Cultural Advisor, providing a context to Inuit cultural world view, history and context for living and working in Nunavut.


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