Conducting Community Consultations in Nunavut 🚹



14 Hours



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What You Will Learn

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Course Content

This course content includes the following topics:

  1. The importance of community engagement and consultation
  2. Planning and preparing for community consultations
  3. Understanding the cultural context of Nunavut communities and protocols
  4. Strategies for effective communication
  5. Techniques for collecting and analyzing feedback
  6. Best practices for engaging with diverse communities in Nunavut
  7. Building relationships with community member and stakeholders
  8. Addressing challenges and concerns in community consultations
  9. Developing action plans and next steps based on community feedback


Course Description

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct effective community consultations in Nunavut.

The course covers the importance of community engagement, planning and preparation, effective communication, and strategies for collecting and analyzing feedback.

Participants will learn how to design and conduct community consultations that are culturally sensitive and respectful of the unique needs and perspectives of Nunavut communities.


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