In the event of an accidental release of dangerous goods from a means of containment, a person who has possession of the dangerous goods at the time of the accidental release must make an immediate report.

Immediate reporting must be done:

➤ when the release exceeds the amount shown in Table 1 (below)

➤ for an imminent release (is about to occur) e.g., tank truck or large container

➤ when Dangerous Goods are lost or stolen

➤ when Dangerous Goods are interfered with

You must report to CANUTEC (613-996-6666) if there is an incident involving:

  • railway vehicle
  • an accidental release from a cylinder that has suffered a catastrophic failure
  • a Class 1 Explosive or a Class 6.2 Infectious Substance
  • a ship (also notify a Vessel Traffic Services Centre or a Canadian Coast Guard radio station)
  • an aircraft
  • an aerodrome or an air cargo facility (also notify the nearest Regional Civil Aviation Office of the Department of Transport and, if the aerodrome is an airport, the operator of the airport).


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