Limited Quantities

Documentation, Safety Marks, Means of Containment, Training, ERAP, and Spill Reporting are exempt if:

Each Container:

  • is packaged safely to prevent leaking
  • does not exceed 30 kg gross weight
  • has inner packages that do not exceed the quantity listed in Column 6 (a) of Schedule 1 of the TDG Regulations

Inner packages are expressed as:

  • gases in litres (water capacity)
  • solids in kilograms
  • liquids in litres


When the number expressed in Column 6(a) shows 0.125, this refers to 1/8 of a litre. This means that if the water capacity of the inner package being shipped holds more than the number shown in Column 6(a), it cannot be shipped as a Limited Quantity. When the number shows a “0”, it cannot be shipped at all as a Limited Quantity.

Each Container must be marked:

The Limited Quantity mark must be square on a point (diamond shaped) and must be in the following sequence:

  • top portion in black
  • middle portion in contrasting colour
  • the bottom portion in black


When a limited quantity of dangerous goods is in a means of containment that is inside an overpack, the following information must be displayed on the overpack unless the marks on the Small Means of Containment are visible through the overpack:

  • the word “Overpack” or “Suremballage”; and
  • the limited quantity marks illustrated below, legibly and visibly marked on a contrasting background.


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