Additional Information

➤  If an Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) is required by the shipper or importer, the shipping document must identify the government approved ERAP reference number and the telephone number to activate the ERAP.

➤  Class 4.1 and 5.2 require control and emergency temperatures (if applicable).

➤ Dangerous goods transported by vessel require:

  • Flashpoint for Class 3
  • The words “Marine Pollutant” (when required)

➤  Class 7 Radioactive Material require additional information under nuclear regulations.

➤ Specific requirements are necessary when fumigation of a Means of Containment occurs.

Other Important Points  

➤  Dangerous goods may be listed on a shipping document with other goods that are not dangerous goods. To provide clear information to responders, the following are the options to show this on a document:

Dangerous goods:
– Listed first under a heading “Dangerous Goods”
– Identified in a contrasting colour from the non-dangerous goods (e.g., red print)
– Following the letter X in a column marked “DG

➤  Hazardous waste is sometimes regulated under TDG as well as hazardous waste regulations.

If the hazardous waste is a dangerous good, it must meet all of the applicable requirements of TDG including shipping documents.

➤  Any time a new carrier takes possession of the dangerous goods, a copy of the shipping document must be provided to the new carrier. The original carrier keeps a copy and when the shipment is transferred to the new carrier a copy will go with it.

➤  Dangerous goods shipping documents must be kept on file by shippers, importers, and carriers for 2 years. It can be kept as a paper copy or electronic.

Location of Shipping Documents

➤ Shipping documents are required to be kept in a door mounted pocket on the driver’s door or within the driver’s reach.

➤ If the driver leaves the unit, the shipping documents must be kept in a door mounted pocket on the driver’s door, the driver’s seat, or a visible place seen from the driver’s door.

➤ Dangerous goods that are left in an unsupervised location or the trailer is detached from the unit require that the shipping documents be left in a waterproof receptacle that is accessible and identifiable.

➤  If the dangerous goods are left in a supervised location, a copy of the shipping document must be given to the person in charge. This person has now taken possession of the dangerous goods.


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